Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Burning Man Festival 2009 - Watch Live here - UPDATE

UPDATE: As you'll see Burning Man '09 has dissapeared without trace again .. in it's place here's a new movie out that gives some insight to this event.

Burning Man 2009 is up and running .. you can watch the next 7 days of the worlds biggest dance party live in the window above courtesy of the generous folks at Ustream TV See live scenes from throughout Blackrock City, including sand storms, live music and commentaries. .. wish we were there!!


At 6:32 PM, September 02, 2009, Blogger Aron Ranen said...

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Tim Leary's Miricle of Good friday Experiment is explored with one of the original PREACHERS who took part.

LSD and the Protest Movement, JFK & LSD plus more.

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At 12:35 PM, September 03, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the heck is up with all the PoPo presence??

At 7:58 PM, September 08, 2009, Anonymous Burning Man Festival said...

Event of Burning Man Festival is life changing, dynamic & influencing expression ever felt on the earth. On Nevada’s black rock dessert, it’s a spiritual, arty & counter-ethnic annual event, which disappears without traces over a period of time. From ritualistic personal experience to sightseeing, it’s event for everyone.

At 7:48 PM, November 03, 2009, Anonymous burning man festival said...

Nice video. Burning Man Festival in Nevada desert lasting for three weeks, its start from september. In festival you can enjoy mammoth wire-cased effigies, jazz coffee bars. Black Rock City is metamorphosed into the most sphinx-like cities in America. The camp site spans eight kilometres across and is organised in a horse-shoe shaped manner about the neon-veiled, close to twelve meters high Man effigy.


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