Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Augmented Reality and new Toys.

Here's some of the latest toys we're playin with while winter rolls in down under.

We've been playin with all sorts of possibilities here .. these guys are our favourite to date.

AUGMENTED REALITY - Human interface
Check the new XBOX 360 interface from project NATAL

We'll all be doing our own Weta workshops motion capture at home soon.

AUGMENTED REALITY - Architectural presentations.

We've been working with the crew at Pivnice Architecture on the use of Augmented reality via the SketchUp AR plug-in that now works on the MAC. The video above by BIG is the best we've seen to date .. even if we don't know what he's on about. The video below shows the AR-Media plugin for Sketchup .. you'll see the ZNO Burj Al Arab model used in the demo, we did this way back in '05.


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