Friday, April 21, 2006

Leadenhall Tower Proposal, London, 3D Model

The tower’s distinctive tapering form – designed to protect views of St Paul’s Cathedral from Fleet Street - will make a dynamic addition to the City of London’s skyline.

The rectangular floor plates are unencumbered by internal columns and the building’s services are contained within a separate structural element to maximise net floor space.

The base of the tower will form a six-storey enclosed public space with shops, cafes and restaurants. via
New London Architecture.

The Leadenhall Tower will be 224.5 metres high, the tallest building in the City by a long way, and has (perhaps a tad unfairly) been likened to a cheesegrater in appearance. Architectural merits aside, the key concern over the building is the effect it might have on the setting of St. Paul's cathedral, the dominance of which is increasingly threatened by the emerging cluster of tall buildings in the City, and on the setting of Sir William Tite's magnificent Royal Exchange. via SAVE BRITAINS HERITAGE

Architect - Richard Rogers Partnership.

Download KMZ here.

Modeled by team at pivnice.


At 8:53 PM, April 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the best 3D model I have ever seen. Leadenhall will be a striking new addition to the City skyline. Many thanks. Note that the Fosters-designed new Willis Building (125m) is under construction at 51 Lime Street, opposite the Lloyds.

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