Tuesday, September 01, 2009

EveryScape Launches New Zealand content.

Christchurch is the first New Zealand city to be added to EveryScape’s directory and the first worldwide city to be launched within EveryScape’s new high resolution viewer. The new viewer includes a full-screen option and zoom functionality, which creates a fully immersive user experience, allowing users to explore Christchurch streets and businesses as though they were there in person.

With today’s Phase I launch, web surfers will be able to explore Christchurch main streets and a limited number of businesses. Phase II is ongoing and will include the addition of other Christchurch businesses as well as public content from other major New Zealand and Australasian cities.

EveryScape, creator of “The Real World Online”, in partnership with Jason Mill, EveryScapeNZ Destination Ambassador and CEO of Pivnice and ZNO, has brought their interactive experience to Christchurch, allowing anyone online to explore Christchurch interiors and exteriors by walking down streets and inside local businesses and landmarks.

Businesses interested in becoming part of EveryScape New Zealand on “The Real World Online” should contact: Jason Mill at jason@everyscape.co.nz.

Here's some of our favourite locations around Christchurch .. check the interiors and full screen views .. the imagery is just stunning.

- The Bicycle Thief
- NG fashion and Gallery.
- FOX Hair.
- C4
- AMI Stadium
- CHCH Polytechnic
- Washington SkatePark
- Canterbury Museum
- Provincial chambers
- Christchurch Townhall
- Christchurch Convention Centre
- Crowne Plaza
- Christchurch City Library

Official Everyscape press release here.


At 6:03 PM, September 01, 2009, Blogger Jerome Bertrand said...

Great Jason!! All 3D immersive photo-realistic. Lots of uses for tourism and just plain location-finding.


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