Friday, February 17, 2006

Burj Dubai

The super tall Burj Dubai will be the tallest building when finished.-700m

Download KMZ here.


At 1:57 AM, November 23, 2007, Blogger aisha said...

Burj Dubai is a really something unique, superordinary. It is a symbol of future.
Everything what human beings have learned throughout its evolution, Burj Dubai is a result of it.
Dubai property becomes more popular because of this human masterpiece. It has not ready yet, but it is enough to see how awesome the building will be.

At 11:39 PM, December 28, 2007, Blogger Lukey said...

Unbelievably big. Currently, it's the world's tallest free-standing structure, and it's only 2/3 finished! Dubai properties are growing and evolving, it's an exciting time for this famous Emirate.


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