Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RAIA & GOOGLE launch Australia 3D Architecture.

Fly into Australia and check out the fantastic model set developed by the Royal Australian Institue of Architects for Google Earth. It features both a KML file of all award winning architecture of the last 6 years (over 500 locations) and 60 3D models of thier National Award winners from the last 6 years. Google's announcement here. and here.

The 3D models have hit the 3D Buildings default, and the KML's should shortly appear in a feature layer.

We were lucky to attend the launch at their CVO8 annual conference in Sydney .. here's a movie of the launch at their opening party ...

.. the DJ dropped the appropriate tune of Daft Punks 'around the world' .. party rocked!

GOOGLE EARTH 4.3 - beautiful sunsets

Christchurch's Cathedral Square on a dusky April evening .. GOOGLE EARTH 4.3 now features daylight animation.

or this one of the stunning southern alps ..
more fun to follow ..


We've just downloaded the all new version of GOOGLE EARTH .. wow there are some impressive new features here ..

- Day & Night Lighting
- Timed light simulations
- Shadows to faces of 3D mods
- Easier navigation controls
- Staged & Faster loading of 3D mods

Here's the new look of our Christchurch City mods in early morning light ..

More later when we get time to play .....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Location of Olympic Torch Relay & China protests.

Follow the course of Free Tibet Protests on our sidebar, as the Beijing Olympic Torch traverses the globe ... or follow it here in GOOGLE EARTH

this from the lighting ceremony ..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

DUAL MAPS .. play follow me.

Thanks to the guys at Map Channels - for supplying us with the code for the following maps. This shows both GOOGLE MAPS and MICROSOFT VIRTUAL EARTH simultaneously. Even better when you move in one map the other follows .. check out this one for sydney who are about to host the CVO8 conference.

it works even better in the USA .. here's the new FONTAINEBLEAU VEGAS being built .. you can view GM Streetview and MVE birdeye view .. and it all runs smooth on the MAC ... ahhh feel the power.