Friday, April 27, 2007

NOKIA N95 - has brought us back.

We have been absent from ZNO since August last year concentrating on turning our model making into a business. Thankyou to those who have been assisting us, and to those constantly sending praise of our models.

We have several showcases of new models that you will be seeing shortly ....

NOKIA N95 .. wow .. this is the all in one device we have been waiting for (received one of the first models to hit NZ). See the team at DIGITAL URBAN for a run down on the features of this new phone .. 5 megapix camera, MP3, FM, and our favourite GPS.

Here's a KMZ DOWNLOAD of my first MountainBike ride thru our local plantation. The N95 picked up the entire route, even thru dense trees. (our GARMIN C60 cannot) The kml shows your average speed as a 3D wall which is very cool .. 100km/h with new toy in pocket!!