Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Molecule Man, Sculpture, 3D Model,Berlin, Germany

Molecule Man, by Jonathan Borofsky.

A monumental sculpture
standing in River Spree, Berlin

It stands at 30m.

Download KMZ here.

3D Modʻing by team at pivnice.

Hammering Man, Sculpture, 3D Model, Seattle

This sculpture, 'Hammering Man' was designed by Jonathan Brofsky.

There are numerous Hammering Man sculptures of different sizes all over the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Germany and Japan. Seattle's is 48 feet high and weighs 26,000 pounds.

Each Hammering Man is marked with a unique number.
Seattle's is #3277164.

The Hammering Man's arm 'hammers' silently and smoothly four times per minute from 7 am to 10 pm every day.

It runs on a 3-hp electric motor set on an automatic timer.

Hammering Man rests its arm each evening and every year on Labor Day.

download KMZ here.

3D Modʻing by team at pivnice.

Puerto de Europa Towers, 3D Model, Madrid

The Puerta de Europa towers are modern buildings in Madrid.

They were built in 1996 by the Kuwait Investments Office and designed by the American architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee.

Each building is 115 m tall with an inclination of 15º.

They are located near the Chamartín railway station - on the sides of the Plaza Castilla bus station.

Download KMZ here.

3D Modʻing by team at pivnice.

La Tourette France, Le Corbusier, 3D Model

'It was under the instigation of Reverend Father Courturier that the Dominicans of Lyon have charged Le Corbusier with the task of bringing into being at Eveux-sur-Arbresle near Lyon, the Convent of La Tourette, in the midst of nature, located in a small vale that opens out onto the forest.

The buildings contain a hundred sleeping rooms for teachers and students, study halls, a hall for work and one for recreation, a library and a refectory.

Finally the circulation connects all the parts, in particular those which appear in a new form (the achievement of the traditional cloister form is rendered impossible here by the slope of the terrain).'

Above info from Great Buildings Online

Download KMZ here.

3D Modʻing by team at pivnice.